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Leadership Insights is the home of our Fellows' research and provocation pieces which they complete as part of their Fellowship programme, in addition to specially commissioned research carried out by, and on behalf of, Clore Social Leadership.


Social Leadership Outside of Organisations

Social Leadership Outside of Organisations

By Michele Lee Golden , February 2015

For her Clore Social research, Michele Lee Golden wrote a thought piece exploring the question: What does social leadership look like outside of organisations?  Her aim was to offer a different perspective on social leadership.  The question arose from her personal experience as a freelancer.  She was also motivated by the scale of the social challenges we face today which will require action and leadership from people everywhere, not just those within organisations.

As a prompt for discussion, Michele suggests seven ways that people can lead social change from outside organisations.  She calls on the social sector to show the way to a greater diversity of thinking about leaders and leadership, both inside and outside of organisations.

Read the Social Leadership Outside of Organisations essay or read it online to share your comments with Michele. 





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