Clore6: Youth is a six-month leadership development programme for the youth sector. It was developed in collaboration with a group of youth sector charities who provided the programme’s core funding.

Our first-ever Clore6: Youth programme completed in March 2017, with 22 Fellows from 22 youth sector charities successfully completing it.  You can read about their celebration and team challenges here. Find out what the benefits of the programme are from a participant’s point of view and also their manager’s by reading this blog. 

We will run another Clore6: Youth programme in early 2018. We are currently taking expressions of interest for our 2018 programme, please email your interest to: info@cloresocialleadership.org.uk.

Who is Clore6: Youth for?

Clore6: Youth is aimed at emerging leaders in the youth sector charities and youth organisations who are committed to social change. It seeks to develop a cadre of leaders to provide robust and effective leadership for their organisations and sector.

What and how will I learn on Clore6: Youth?

Clore6: Youth is designed around our Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework which outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills emerging leaders need to become successful social leaders.

Participants will gain fluency in these leadership capabilities by:

  • Taking part in a 360 degree review - this will provide you with a full overview of your strengths and potential as a leader;
  • Developing an individualised leadership development plan to put into immediate action;
  • Undertaking two 2.5 day residentials including sessions on self-awareness, growing personal resilience, working on team challenges and hearing from leadership experts;
  • Becoming a Fellow and part of a close-knit peer network upon successful completion of the programme;
  • Completing a team challenge based in the context of the Services charities subsector, to develop a tangible solution or resource for the sector and its leaders;
  • Undertaking individual coaching, engaging in Action Learning Sets and completing a placement or short secondment. 

This will result in:

  • Increased self-awareness, insight into your strengths and areas for development;
  • Increased resilience and a set of tools and models that help you become a more agile leader;
  • A deeper understanding of how you work with and through others, and how others perceive your ability as a leader;
  • A lasting peer network of social sector leaders who provide support and new perspectives;
  • Growth of Social Leaders’ Capabilities and improved personal effectiveness, which translates into tangible results for you and your organisation;
  • Tools and techniques to take back to your own organisation to grow other leaders, improving leadership across your organisation.

Who can apply?

  • Senior leaders from youth sector charities will be invited to nominate their brightest emerging leaders;
  • Applicants from charities and organisations committed to social change who are working to promote the welfare and general interests of younger adults and children are also invited to apply;
  • All Clore6: Youth participants must have a minimum 3 years' experience in the youth sector, which must include experience of leading other people in the organisation;
  • Applicants must have a deep commitment to social change, and to bring leadership back into their organisation, their specific youth subsector and their work;
  • Applicants must demonstrate commitment of the Clore Social Leadership values: courage, passion, diversity, focus and respect, through their work.

How much does it cost?

  • We are currently inviting charities, funders or organisations dedicated to supporting the development in the youth sector to collaborate with us on our 2018 Clore6: Youth programme so that we can offer it as a subsidised leadership programme.  
  • We will ask each participating organisation who is nominating a Clore6: Youth participant to make a contribution towards the running costs of the programme.
  • This contribution will be £1,000 for all organisations with an annual income of up to £1m, and £2,000 for all organisations with an annual income of more than £1m. All participating organisations will be invoiced (and will be expected to pay) prior to the programme commencing.
  • A hardship fund may be available to organisations with an annual income under  £250,000 - this is dependant upon available funding.

How do I apply to Clore6: Youth?

We will run another Clore6: Youth programme in early 2018. We are currently taking expressions of interest for our 2018 programme, please email your interest to: info@cloresocialleadership.org.uk.

Please call 020 7812 3772 if you have any questions about our Clore6 programmes.

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