Calling all Freedom Fighters: Leadership and authenticity

Posted on September 18, 2014
Posted by Guest Blogger

Last week I had the great pleasure of spending a morning with the 2014 Fellows in order to explore the impact of authenticity on workplaces. It was a very lively and engaged session and the Fellows made me work hard with insightful questions and debate, which was just what I was hoping for.

You may be thinking that authenticity is a rather random subject on which to spend a morning. It is seldom thought of as a major driver of organisational performance. We do not usually think of it as a source of innovation, or productivity, or even an adaptive mechanism. In fact, we may not think of authenticity at all. But I’d like to suggest that over the coming years it will be understood as a major variable that separates successful from failing organisations, happy from disengaged workforces, and adaptive from inflexible organisations.

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Let the games for social change commence!

Posted on August 10, 2014
Posted by Owen Jarvis
Fellowship: 2012

Six months of hard work and planning was all worth it. Sinem, Stuart, Narin and I sat exhausted in the pub at the end of a fantastic day of designing, discussing and playing games for social change, with a wonderful group of social leaders.

The ‘inaugaral” leadership games took place at an iconic site – Gilwell Park, home of the scout movement, and home to games and play as a source of personal development for nearly 100 years.

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What is the charity SORP?

Posted on August 5, 2014
Posted by Guest Blogger

The Charity SORP is a Statement of Recommended Practice which sets out how charities should prepare their annual accounts and report on their finances.

Why has it been changed?

The SORP is an interpretation of the financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting practice in the UK. Because these have changed, the SORP has to be updated. The introduction of Financial Reporting Standard 102 (FRS 102) has been a radical departure as this brings together a whole series of piecemeal standards and guidelines on general accounting into a single standard. FRS 102 also includes specific sections on public benefit entities.

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Tags: Clore Social Associates; Finance; Regulation; Third sector.

Budgets stifle innovation, so should we scrap them?

Posted on July 30, 2014
Posted by Stuart Griffiths
Fellowship: 2014

My head hurts. I have been trying to work out how to get around what seems at a first a rather simple problem.

I work as Head of Research Innovation at Breast Cancer Campaign. When we get an exciting project opportunity that fits with our general strategy in the months before the year end, in the middle of the business planning period, then we are brilliant at grasping the nettle and making it happen. However, if that very same project had developed in the weeks and months after our trustees had approved our plans and budgets then we would struggle to know what to with it.

This issue was bouncing around my head when I arrived at the recently held, and very timely, Clore Social business capability workshops focusing around strategic financial management.

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Tags: Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Finance; Health and well-being; Leadership.

The basic low down on futures, foresight and understanding change

Posted on June 24, 2014
Posted by Maria Adebowale
Fellowship: 2014

So I'm sitting in the back garden. It's a summer day and I am eight. Playing out my favourite game. I'm super girl, with my knickers tucked into my vest - super hero style. My special power is changing the future. I can stop the bad things from happening twenty years from now and make sure the good things happen.

Is looking at what happens in the future just a day dream for kids?  I don't think so.

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Tags: Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Environment; Leadership.

What constitutes good financial leadership?

Posted on June 19, 2014
Posted by Guest Blogger

Just like every other business sector, the charity sector has suffered in recent years. A decline in funding and donations has meant charities have needed to become more commercially savvy and seek innovative ways to raise funds, which also means that financial leadership is a vital part of the leadership mix.

Charity finance leaders today must provide a support service for the entire organisation to ensure people get the information they need to fulfil their roles and the needs of beneficiaries.

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Tags: Charity; Finance; Leadership; Regulation; Third sector.

Life or death listening - the secrets of a hostage negotiator

Posted on May 29, 2014
Posted by Gareth Dix
Fellowship: 2014

My friend and fellow 2014 Clore Social Fellow Eugenie Teasley yesterday organised some listening training based on the experiences of, and delivered by, hostage negotiator Richard ‘Dick’ Mullender.

I knew I’d be arriving late, coming from Cornwall, I also knew this guy was big in CID and worked with the FBI, UN etc. My mind wandered as I went from train to tube at Paddington.  Can you get arrested for being late? Are they watching me?

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Tags: Clore Leadership; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Health and well-being; Leadership; Values.

Why executive coaching is not a luxury

Posted on May 21, 2014
Posted by Guest Blogger

Being a leader is a tough gig. You work long hours because you feel responsible for the livelihoods of those who depend upon your organisation. You might even make significant personal sacrifices that you hope you won’t regret later. You are aware of the long shadow you cast for your employees and this makes you act more self-consciously. You worry that you don’t have all of the answers or that something important is eluding you and may impact in the future. You may even feel like they made a mistake when they hired you and you are the only one who knows the grisly truth (it’s called Imposter Complex and be reassured that it is much more common than you think). All of this is happening internally, but there are external challenges too.

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Tags: Clore Social Associates; Coaching; Leadership; Leadership development training.

Why you should apply to be a Clore Social Fellow

Posted on April 28, 2014
Posted by La Toyah McAllister-Jones
Fellowship: 2013

I had the pleasure of speaking at a Clore Social Programme information Day in March this year. My immediate reaction was “Really? ME?? I hate public speaking. What would I even say??”

And then I stopped listening to my internal critic and started to reflect on my experience as a full time Clore Social Fellow and what I could share to encourage others to apply for the Fellowship. So here are some key reflections on why I applied, the impact it has had on me and why I encourage you to take the plunge.

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Tags: Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Leadership; Social justice.

Leading through the death of deference

Posted on April 9, 2014
Posted by Guest Blogger

I have just read about the extraordinary events surrounding technology company Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich. It seems that around six years ago, Eich gave his support to an anti-gay marriage bill. Mozilla is a company with a very strong commitment to equality and when Eich’s past actions came to the attention of his employees they were dismayed by the incompatibility of the views of their CEO and the ethical position of their company. Many employees expressed their views, particularly on social media forums, and eventually Eich stepped down.

I was struck by how this chain of events leading to the resignation of a CEO was an example of the death of deference in action.

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Tags: Clore Social Associates; Clore Social Leadership; Coaching; Leadership.

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