Leaders Now event with Toby Young

Posted on April 12, 2017
Posted by Esther Foreman
Fellowship: 2011

It’s not every morning you get to facilitate a conversation with someone who sparks a marmite reaction across the social sector, so when Shaks Ghosh, CEO of Clore Social Leadership asked me to facilitate a breakfast leadership conversation with Toby Young, I jumped at the chance.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Leadership; Social change.

Shifting Leadership; Shifting Paradigms

Posted on April 4, 2017
Posted by Ruth Dobson
Fellowship: 2016

‘How does social change happen?’ This question was posed at a leadership training residential which I attended as part of my Clore Social Leadership fellowship.  

It stuck with me.  I realised that in some form it has fascinated me since I was teenager studying history at school:  How does change happen - any kind of change, but particularly major societal or political change?

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Tags: Change management; Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Leadership; Leadership development training; Social change.

Unleash the power of young people in politics & leadership

Posted on April 3, 2017
Posted by Amelia Viney
Fellowship: 2016

As part of her 2016 Clore Social Leadership Fellowship, Amelia Viney developed a video blog where she explores what could be done to unleash the power of young people to help them transform their worlds.

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Tags: Campaigning; Charity; Citizenship; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Collaboration; Community development; Diversity; Education; Innovation; Leadership; Social change; Social justice; Youth sector.

Born leaders - you need to regress to progress

Posted on March 20, 2017
Posted by Mark Kelvin
Fellowship: 2016

The leadership industry offers numerous theoretical frameworks and models, ranging from the instructional to the inspirational. The majority of these models are focused on the exogenous – the external factors, and offer up-skilling and progression as a solution to overcoming leadership challenges. But is this enough?

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Tags: Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Leadership; Leadership development training; Third sector.

I believe: The trouble with confirmation bias

Posted on March 13, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

Jo Youle is the CEO of Missing People, a charity that offers a lifeline to the 250,000 people who run away and go missing each year in the UK.

I don’t like making mistakes. I don’t think many of us do. I don’t like getting things wrong since I’m the sort of person who works hard to get things right. I’m pre-programmed to think round corners, to not let the wool be pulled over my eyes.

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Tags: Charity; Chief Executives; Clore Social Associates; Leadership; Social justice; Third sector.

Rebuilding Gender Equality in the UK: the challenge for the social sector

Posted on March 8, 2017
Posted by Rebecca Gill
Fellowship: 2016

Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women. A day to reflect on women’s lives, in our communities, our society, our country and across the world. A day to review how far we have come in achieving equality between women and men, and to consider how much further we have to go.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership; Equality; Third sector.

Leadership: Holding boundaries

Posted on March 6, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

Julia Worthington MinstF(Dip) is a Fundraising Leadership Coach and Mentor based in the north of England. Find out more about her here.

Here’s a quick quiz question. It’s Friday night, and you’re just putting your coat on when your boss comes in, and asks you to stay late to finish a report. You’ve made plans to go out for dinner with your family. How do you respond?

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Tags: Clore Social Associates; Leadership; Leadership development training.

Who speaks for who? People affected by life-limiting illness as advocates

Posted on March 6, 2017
Posted by Claire Morris
Fellowship: 2015

18 million people die in pain and distress each year around the world because they don’t have access to palliative care including medications to treat pain. This is a horrifying statistic, and unfortunately easier to comprehend and empathise with if you have witnessed a painful death. But palliative care is not just about dying well, it is also about people with life-limiting conditions, such as cancer, HIV and dementia, and their families and carers, living well.

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Tags: Care; Chief Executives; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Equality; International; Leadership; Older populations; Third sector.

Why aren't enough UK Armed Forces personnel seeking help for mental health problems?

Posted on February 28, 2017
Posted by Marie-Louise Sharp
Fellowship: 2016

I’ve worked with the Armed Forces community for many years, both in military help-seeking research at the King’s Centre of Military Health Research and in healthcare policy at the Royal British Legion. I was fortunate enough last year to be a Forces in Mind Trust Fellow on Clore Social Leadership’s Fellowship Programme.

An area I care very deeply about is the mental health of our Armed Forces community. We live in a stressful world, there is no doubt.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Health and well-being; Leadership; Leadership development training; Military; Third sector.

Charities need to stop pretending they are transparent

Posted on February 24, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

Matt Stevenson-Dodd is the Chief Executive of Street League, UK’s leading sport for employment charity, and has been recently selected by The Guardian as one of the top charity CEO’s on social media. Matt is a guest speaker on the Clore6: Youth Sector Emerging Leaders Programme on 8 March.

The problem for charities with transparency is simple. Driven by a scarcity of funding, we feel compelled to tell ever more hard-hitting stories about the beneficiaries we serve rather than balancing this storytelling with hard facts about the actual impact we achieve (or don’t). 

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Tags: Chairs and CEOs; Charity; Chief Executives; Impact; Leadership; Third sector; Youth sector.

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