The Grenfell Tower volunteers showed us real leadership

Posted on June 28, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

Vyla L. Rollins is a member of our Board of Trustees and Executive Director at the London Business School's Leadership Institute

Many individuals, myself included, are still processing the events emerging from Grenfell Tower on 14th June, which has been reported as the deadliest fire in Britain for more than a century. Given the uncertainty already created by other political and terrorist events in the past six months, the Grenfell Tower fire has added to the sorrow, loss and feeling of ambiguity already sinking into the heart and souls of many in the UK, and beyond.

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Ethical Leadership: Is the outcome more important than the means?

Posted on June 27, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

David Green is director of Green Pepper Consulting, a social enterprise working with the third sector.  

In the corporate world, ethics and success are not always synonymous. If they were, then we wouldn’t have activists such as Naomi Klein, or organisations like Greenpeace. But it isn’t just big oil or multinational mining companies that should be concerned with ethics.

Indeed, I recall the furore in 2013 when Comic Relief were found, at the time, to be investing in the likes of tobacco and armaments.

The fact remains that with a constant pressure to deliver, it can be tempting to push ethics aside. The outcome, it seems, then becomes more important than the means.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Leadership; Leadership; Social enterprise; Values.

Homelessness is Caused by a Mental Health Condition...Ours

Posted on June 26, 2017
Posted by Athol Halle
Fellowship: 2016

This blog introduces Athol Halle's full provocation piece which he developed as part of his Clore Social Leadership 2016 Fellowship. Download it here. 

Are we in denial about homelessness? The facts are out there - homelessness kills you. The average of death of a rough sleeper in England is 47, with one person dying whilst sleeping on the streets of London every two weeks.

Homelessness is growing. The number of people sleeping on our streets more than doubling since 2010.

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Tags: Charity; Chief Executives; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Housing; Social justice; Third sector.

Reflecting on Inclusive Leadership

Posted on June 21, 2017
Posted by Roger Warnock
Fellowship: 2016

We all lead such “Helter-Skelter” lifestyles sometimes you just feel that life is passing you by at an alarming rate and you never have time to just stop and reflect on what’s actually going on! Today I was temporarily brought to halt after being asked to chat to British Council’s European Diversity Team at their annual meet-up in Belfast about my leadership journey and what I considered are the traits of “Inclusive Leadership”.

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Tags: Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Collaboration; Leadership; Leadership development training; Social change; Social enterprise; Values.

'Start by starting'

Posted on June 5, 2017
Posted by Sophia Parker
Fellowship: 2015

About halfway through my Clore Social fellowship, shortly before the birth of my third child, this was the phrase I muttered to myself as I posted on a local parents Facebook group about setting up a ‘baby bank’ – where people could donate their great quality, unwanted baby clothes and kit, in order to pass them on to other local families in need.

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Tags: Charity; Chief Executives; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Community development; Leadership; Social change.

Small actions lead to large movements

Posted on May 10, 2017
Posted by Louise Cannon
Fellowship: 2014

This blog was originally published on Civil Society Futures,  The Independent Inquiry, and is written by 2014 Clore Social Fellow Louise Cannon, UnLtd Award Manager, Building Futures Lead.  

I was recently invited to talk to the group responsible for the inquiry into the future of civil society on behalf of UnLtd and the social entrepreneurs with whom I work. Following some scene setting about what the group are looking to achieve, the current challenges facing communities and the scope of the inquiry; one of the members asked me, and another invited guest, whether we were optimistic or pessimistic about the future role of civil society?

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Tags: Citizenship; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Collaboration; Community development; Leadership; Social enterprise.

Let go of Clark Kent and be Superman in the office instead

Posted on May 9, 2017
Posted by Mark Kelvin
Fellowship: 2016

I was full of energy: I was careless, content, excited, and enthusiastic. Then I was born. From that moment on I began to be shaped and moulded in to what other people wanted me to be.

This might sound dramatic, but take a minute to think about it.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Leadership; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Leadership; Third sector; Values.

How can we humanise services and build communities?

Posted on April 26, 2017
Posted by Jenny Ruth O'Hara-Jakeway
Fellowship: 2015

We are accustomed to reading reports on the unprecedented challenges facing the NHS and social services, along with the ever present caveat, ‘the increasing ageing population’. Framed in this way the future of health and social care is grim – conjuring images of a dystopia where many of the most vulnerable are forgotten and neglected.

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Tags: Care; Change management; Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership; Clore Social Leadership Programme; Collaboration; Community development; Health and well-being; Leadership; Public sector; Social change; Third sector.

Changing places

Posted on April 25, 2017
Posted by Pippa Knott
Fellowship: 2016

Have you played the word game Bananagrams? Seek it out if not – it’s excellent. If you have, you might know that the best way to form good words yourself is to have a quick look at other players’ jumbled-up letters. There’s something about observing someone else’s game for a bit that ‘re-sets’ your perspective and clarifies your own moves.

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Tags: Charity; Clore Social Fellows; Clore Social Leadership; Clore Social Youth Sector Leaders Programme; Impact; Leadership; Youth sector.

How hip-hop culture is cultivating authentic leaders in East Africa

Posted on April 19, 2017
Posted by Guest Blogger

Daina Leigh is Global Conversation Catalyst for the Bavubuka Foundation and founder of fashion social enterprise Fabric of Life.

Word – Sound – Power is the belief in the power of the vibrations within speech and music to impact the world directly, for better or worse. The power of voice, and its capacity to inspire and initiate change, are central to the practice of the young indigenous hip-hop practitioners that I have had the privilege of working with as part of my role as Global Conversation Catalyst with the Bavubuka (youth) Foundation in East Africa.

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Tags: Clore Social Associates; Clore Social Leadership; Community development; International; Leadership; Youth sector.

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