Our framework & model for social leadership

To tackle the challenges of the 21st century, our sector needs ethical leaders with a social purpose to better lead organisations, and transform lives. We develop collaborative and resilient leaders who have social change at their core. They could be leaders of an organisation, a team or a movement - people at all levels of experience can exhibit social leadership.

Our Framework and Model illustrate what successful social leadership looks like and how it can be further developed.

What does successful social sector leadership look like?

Good leadership is a lifelong journey. Our Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills emerging leaders need to become successful social leaders. It is built on our core values, our Leadership Development Model, foresight and eight years’ of experience of developing sector leaders.

Social Leaders' Capabilities Framework
Social Leaders' Capabilities Framework - ©Clore Social Leadership

The six capabilities we identified are necessary for leaders at all levels. Depending on where a leader is in their development and the context in which they work, their ability to perform each capability may differ. Successful social leadership requires ongoing enhancement through personal and professional development.

Our Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework:

  • Outlines the expectation of the attributes, skills and behaviours required for successful social sector leadership;
  • Illustrates how and what these attributes, skills and behaviours look like in action;
  • Enables reflection and should be used as a tool to assess current attributes, skills and behaviours; 
  • Empowers leaders of all levels to identify their leadership gaps and plan their personal and professional development.

Download and learn more about our Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework here.

How do we develop social leadership?

With insights of what successful social leadership looks like, our Leadership Development Model illustrates how these leaders are further developed.

The foundations of our Model are built from research we conducted, the needs of the sector and by working with leadership experts. It underpins all of the leadership programmes and interventions we deliver. 

Leadership Development Model
Leadership Development Model - ©Clore Social Leadership

 The components of our Leadership Development Model: 

  • Know yourself, be yourself, look after yourself
  • Assessing context
  • Working with and through others
  • Governance, compliance and accountability
  • Effectiveness, outcomes and impact
  • Efficiency, business capability and risk

Visit here for a more detailed explanation of our Leadership Development Model.

To discuss how we could work with you and your organisation to identify and develop social leaders using our Framework and Model, please contact us: info@cloresocialleadership.org.uk.

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